Month: October 2015

Day 60: I rocked it.

I rocked the blue dress all day and received numerous compliments and I am not surprised, it might be the best dress I’ve ever worn for my shape, I looked like Sophia Loren all day, it was boobs and hiptastic.

I teamed it with knee-high suede boots, 70s gold jewellery, my best watch and my best handbag (leather, orange). I went to an exclusive meeting for Senior People where I presented New Projects that I invented without breaking a sweat, impressed the shit out of everyone and now they are talking about cutting my workload in other areas so that I can concentrate on New Stuff, because New Stuff brings new money into the business.

That is all. I think they are not tired of me yet, and as long as they let me do my thing, I am not tired of them. TLYW.

Chrissy Ward: Right & Exact (Stonebridge Mix)

Blue Dress

I am wearing the blue mesh Phase Eight dress from yesterday’s post and it looks great on me. It is a great fit. I would even go so far as to say that it looks better on me than on the model. I have curves, and that dress was cut for curves. Boobs and hips. These are things I can pour into a well-cut wrap dress without any effort. 10/10 would purchase again.


Today I had a day off because I was sick and running a fever. So I relaxed and recuperated by running all over North London and:

  • seeing my GP
  • getting a haircut
  • getting my watch repaired
  • taking parcels to the post office
  • collecting mail from one of my business addresses
  • setting up my PC that just came back from the repair shop again
  • cleaning small portions of my house, which is knee deep in rubbish

Now I am behind on my work. But all those things were very important things and now my life is a tiny bit better.

I frightened my hairdresser again and he retaliated by doing a very small amount of tapering of my very short hair, right at the back. I like it sawn off in a clean line but he is obsessed with tapering. “It will look more fashionable”, he said. Why don’t we let me decide that. Anyway, he is a nice man, I am not allergic to his hair dye, it is a good cut and now my hair will be free from grey bits for about 8 weeks.

I have been in an absolutely poisonous mood lately because of the amount of hours I’m putting in at work so I recklessly cheered myself up with a new dress, which I am going to wear tomorrow. I dress up for work on most days and I enjoy looking put-together, it lifts my mood. Tomorrow there is an Important Strategy Meeting and I am going to look delicious in this blue mesh number from, you guessed it, Phase Eight. So there. I may be bad-tempered but I am a snappy dresser.

blue mesh dress

Health and Safety

Day 53.

Me: I am exhausted and I am here day and night. It is pointless travelling across London twice a day just to sleep for a few hours and it is very expensive getting taxis at five in the morning and ten at night. Can I have the key to one of those empty guest rooms, please. I could sleep there.

Boss: Erm, no. Lots of reasons but mainly because Health and Safety will have a fit. I cannot condone you working those sorts of hours or be seen to condone it.

Me: Well, they would have a point, wouldn’t they. Meanwhile, I don’t see anyone relieving me of all this work ……….. have you got any suggestions?

Boss: It will get better after the first year.

Me: You are kidding me, right? I was counting on it getting better within 6 weeks.

Boss: ……..

Day 52

It is like this.

Weekends: I work 36 hours every single weekend, but at least I can do it from home. I am usually a mess on Monday mornings because I am functioning on 2 hours of sleep. The staff at the coffee shops here at work have learned to do me a custom recipe that we call Special Coffee with five times the usual amount of caffeine.

Weekdays: Get up at 4am. Arrive at work 6.30am. Work until 7.30 or 8pm. Arrive home 9pm, immediately go to bed.

Am losing weight because I only have the time or indeed the appetite to eat once a day.

I have not cleaned my house or opened the post in 52 days. An insurance company that I was trying to buy a pension from doesn’t want to do business with me any more because I don’t reply to their messages.

Also I was wrong about getting a day off on Day 85, it isn’t day 85, it will be day 96, which is a Saturday at the beginning of December.

I am tired and short-tempered.

Now I need to do some more work because it is 6.47am already.

Day 45.

Every day now, I think about quitting this job and just walking out without looking back. 45 consecutive days, 10-12 hours/day, not counting traveling time.

I will get a day off on Day 85. Assuming I am still there and have not died or killed someone.