It is 8pm on Sunday and I am wiped out.

I wrote 200 pages of good-quality business literature in three days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

  • I still have meetings this week that I haven’t prepared for.
  • Tax bills that need paying.
  • Unwashed laundry.
  • I haven’t washed the dishes in days and there is a fly in the kitchen.

I just took a piece of A3 paper and wrote at the top “IT IS SUNDAY 27 SEPTEMBER, 8PM” to re-orientate myself. Under that heading I’m about to write the most urgent things that need doing before I pass out and tomorrow morning suddenly arrives and I have to get up at the crack of dawn to go to so-called ‘work’, like what do they think I do at nights and weekends.

I am going to manufacture 84 intellectual products for this company in 12 weeks. That’s seven a week. Because I am a control freak and I have my own ideas about quality, 36 of these products, that is, three per week, take 10-16 hours to manufacture. This is why I am at work all the time and have not seen the gym.

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