Culture Shock

I am still loving work, it is like a very demanding and frighteningly real MMO, so I am doing fine.

It is a massive culture shock. I have a history of working with ad agencies and one acquires habits and manners from them. Like you don’t need to wear a suit, but it is important to wear the right trainers. It is a culture that, compared to the rest of the working world, tends towards the macho and flashy.

I have moved to a culture that is characteristically much more dignified and modest. Every day I stand out like a sore thumb, as I say and do things that are normal to me but unusual in the local culture, causing people to look surprised. It’s a really, really good job everybody likes me.

I might have a little TLYW series of Culture Shocks until I acclimatise, because they happen every day and they are funny. Here’s my favourite moment from today.

Int: Day. Gloria is standing at the bar in the staff restaurant, talking to a guy who works in the same department. As they are chatting, in fact, Gloria is beaming and on a roll as usual, a Very Senior Person walks by. Gloria has met the VSP at least twice and they are on warm terms.

VSP: (extends hand for handshake) Hi!

Gloria: (takes hand, smoothly converts handshake into something more gangsta) Aiight bro.

VSP: (looks surprised)

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