It is Day 2 of my new career.

It is a culture shock, like I knew it would be.

It is fun. They are nice people. I am as cheerful as all get-out and I laugh a lot and people are responding warmly to that and telling me that I am going to have an easy time with their clients.

By local standards I am unnaturally ambitious, which is why they hired me, at the same time this means I am a bossy cow. I am happy to report that I have refrained from telling my boss or anyone senior to me how to do their job for two whole days. Probably we will even make it to the end of this week.

Health: this is great. Go to bed early, get up early. The amount of walking! The journey to and from work involves a bare minimum of 60 minutes of brisk walking and then when you include going out at lunchtime and walking all over several large buildings, I’m walking for up to 2 hours a day. Which is bloody great. I am going to start doing weekly weigh-ins again to monitor the effect on my bloated physique.

This is a big chunk of my daily walk to and from work.

fountain 2

Isn’t that lovely. There’s quite a lot of nice architecture and sculpture around the park, and of course flowers, so I dare say I will post pictures from time to time. It will be nice to document the changing seasons. I bet that same bit of the park looks elegant when it is covered in snow.

Now I need to go to bed, I’m exhausted. If I go now, I’m in with a chance of being able to get up early and take care of some laundry and domestic tasks. I see how this is going to pan out.

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