Month: September 2015


….. oh no, you didn’t.


Even though I am working 7 days a week, including 16-hour days on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, I restarted Chinese lessons. It was Week 1 of a ten-week course tonight. I am really excited by how much Chinese I was able to remember.

I fully acknowledge that this is nuts. It is ridiculous of me. The last thing I need in my working life is 2 hours a week of Chinese lessons plus 5 hours of homework.



It is 8pm on Sunday and I am wiped out.

I wrote 200 pages of good-quality business literature in three days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

  • I still have meetings this week that I haven’t prepared for.
  • Tax bills that need paying.
  • Unwashed laundry.
  • I haven’t washed the dishes in days and there is a fly in the kitchen.

I just took a piece of A3 paper and wrote at the top “IT IS SUNDAY 27 SEPTEMBER, 8PM” to re-orientate myself. Under that heading I’m about to write the most urgent things that need doing before I pass out and tomorrow morning suddenly arrives and I have to get up at the crack of dawn to go to so-called ‘work’, like what do they think I do at nights and weekends.

I am going to manufacture 84 intellectual products for this company in 12 weeks. That’s seven a week. Because I am a control freak and I have my own ideas about quality, 36 of these products, that is, three per week, take 10-16 hours to manufacture. This is why I am at work all the time and have not seen the gym.

You would hardly know it was the weekend.

I have been working all day and I am not done yet. Here are a couple of things to cheer us along.

A photo from my walk to the office. They have a very British sense of humour at that park. Don’t tell me those flowers were planted there by accident.

golden showers

And now, some deep, rootsy reggae because we might as well have Church while I happen to think of it.

Scratchylus feat. Kiddus I & Inna de Yard: Reset the Mindset 


It’s been two weeks, or something like that.

Sorry to be so quiet, everyone. My new life is kicking my newly muscular ass.

  • Loving my work.
  • Am working day and night, around the clock. Still loving it.
  • My house is an absolute tip, it is all I can do to stay in control of the laundry.
  • I appear to be regaining weight but I am not panicking because:
  • I am walking for miles every day and climbing ridiculous amounts of stairs, and
  • I don’t have time to eat, and
  • I can see and feel that I already have slabs of solid muscle in my legs and bum.

My sole ambition is to get sufficiently on top of my work that I can start going to the gym again because I don’t want muscly legs paired with flabby arms, also I like being able to fit into (some of) my clothes and want to shed more fat.

That’s all. It’s Friday night and I’ve been at work for 12 hours. I feel like giving myself two or three hours off and playing a video game because I really can’t concentrate any more.

See you next time.

Culture Shock

I am still loving work, it is like a very demanding and frighteningly real MMO, so I am doing fine.

It is a massive culture shock. I have a history of working with ad agencies and one acquires habits and manners from them. Like you don’t need to wear a suit, but it is important to wear the right trainers. It is a culture that, compared to the rest of the working world, tends towards the macho and flashy.

I have moved to a culture that is characteristically much more dignified and modest. Every day I stand out like a sore thumb, as I say and do things that are normal to me but unusual in the local culture, causing people to look surprised. It’s a really, really good job everybody likes me.

I might have a little TLYW series of Culture Shocks until I acclimatise, because they happen every day and they are funny. Here’s my favourite moment from today.

Int: Day. Gloria is standing at the bar in the staff restaurant, talking to a guy who works in the same department. As they are chatting, in fact, Gloria is beaming and on a roll as usual, a Very Senior Person walks by. Gloria has met the VSP at least twice and they are on warm terms.

VSP: (extends hand for handshake) Hi!

Gloria: (takes hand, smoothly converts handshake into something more gangsta) Aiight bro.

VSP: (looks surprised)

End of the first week.

I still love my new job.

It is becoming more demanding by the minute, if not the second, and I am still smiling, actually I am beaming, I am awash with serotonin and I love everybody and everything on sight.

I am sure it is helped by the fact that I am getting an average of 90 minutes brisk walking every day as well, to and from work. So obviously I arrive like a chirpy, rosy-cheeked motherfucker and then I get more exercise on the way home as well. It’s great. My diet still needs attention but I am certainly not over-eating because I am way too busy to snack and anyway I’m in meetings all the time.

I feel slimmer. The muscles in my arse are aching, which is a very good sign and I know from experience that I will develop muscles in my legs and bum almost immediately if I walk outdoors every day. I also think I am slightly less rounded in the midsection than I was at the start of this week. Very slightly. Also that I lost a small amount of fat off my face. So that’s good. I am incredibly excited to think of all my clothes I am probably quite near to being able to fit into. Within a few weeks or a couple of months.

Well, that’s it. I have a huge amount of work to do because this is not my only income stream and my weekend is going to be full of other kinds of work, but it is all good, it is all for a purpose, and that purpose is The Life You Want. Keep reaching for that rainbow, readers.

And now for a tune. Looks like TLYW Dance Time might be back in session. Get up and dance, look what a treat I picked out for you.

EMF: Unbelievable (1990)