Becoming organised.

I am still letting David Allen and Trello tell me what to do. I still have a huge pile of projects and tasks but I am more productive than before. Some things are getting done.

Allen’s Getting Things Done programme is about managing your whole life, not just work. This is what I need. it is 7pm and I am taking a break to eat dinner. I did not have to think about what to have for dinner because Trello knows what food I have in the fridge and when it expires. It informed me that cucumber, tomatoes, spring onions, ham and tomato soup were all on the point of expiry and therefore that’s what I’m having for dinner this evening. Tomorrow morning, Trello will tell me which fruit to eat with breakfast.

Right, I’d better get back to work. This evening I hope to write a proposal that’s been hanging around in my in tray for ages and then if there’s any time after that I urgently need to read a bunch of insurance documents and add some FAQs to a different proposal that is due in tomorrow. Of course, I will be unavailable tomorrow because I will be showing up at my new job.

Onwards and upwards. Time for a heavy, heavy tune to help us on the way. Look out for mi bredren Andrew, he’s got quite a voice.

Dub Files All Stars: Dance Inna Babylon

Paolo Baldini with Mellow Mood Official, Sr. Wilson, Forelock and Andrew I Official

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