I like big books.

Hey everybody, how are you doing. Sorry to have been away for a while. Things are proceeding apace here. My brand new career starts on Tuesday, after the bank holiday weekend. I am very excited, also nervous.

I am trying hard to get my affairs in order during these last few days of relative freedom, so that’s what’s been keeping me away from the blog. I am happy to report that I am using Trello every day and it is working out amazingly. I really am getting more done and thinking about tasks and projects more clearly, which is a relief. I still have piles of admin to do and proposals to write but at least I can see what it is I am supposed to be doing and when it is due.

Right, well, I don’t know exactly when my next post will be. It is now Saturday night. New career starts on Tuesday, and I have plenty to do between now and then. So it’s quite possible that by the time I make my next post here, I will have made the big move at work and have started a new life. TLYW.

Let’s have a tune to celebrate my upcoming new adventure. I am gonna get paid to read books and shit, enit. It is the shiznit.

big books

Sir Mixalot: Baby Got Back

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