It’s my birthday.

It’s 1am, I’m at my desk working. It’s my birthday! I am one more working week away from the start of my new career.

Yay! Considering how things were spiralling horribly out of control back in April, this is bloody amazing. I am happy. I could stand to be a lot slimmer but I am really excited about the future and especially the next 12 months. It is a good place to be on one’s birthday, looking forward to the coming year.

I am having a glass of Prosecco, despite my waistline, *and* I had cake earlier.

I feel we should have a tune. Then I will get back to work because I have work in progress here that I want to deliver tomorrow. Let’s take a moment and do The New Continental. Get up and dance. Actually, you are going to have a hard time not dancing.

The Dovells: Do The New Continental (1961)

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