On the way to the dentist, reggae.

I am getting (some) things done. I am monstrously busy. Everything takes so much time. Getting my iPad sorted required two trips to the Apple store – that’s the equivalent of a whole working day used up, meanwhile I have over 5,000 unread emails.

I am in the middle of a tidal wave of existing work admin and trying to get organised on the home and finance fronts ready for new kinds of work in September. I have been feeling overwhelmed, it’s not that anything I have to do is difficult but there is just so much of it. Phone calls, emails, things that have to be written and monitored and dispatched etc etc. Most of this was stored in my head, no wonder I felt stressed.

This is how you know I am not just geeking out over productivity software for the fun of it. Trello is saving my life right about now, as is David Allen, the productivity guru and author of Getting Things Done and Ready For Anything. I’ve just read the latter while dumping every single task and responsibility that I can possibly imagine into Trello and the whole thing is making me feel a lot calmer. I am going to read Ready For Anything a second time because I am hanging on his every word right now, there is a reason why a cult has grown up around him.

Hmm, it’s just occurred to me that I can claim 1 Books point for that, plus it counts towards the Business Books brownie badge, plus I get a health point because I went to the dentist.

I showed up in Soho a bit too early to go straight to the dentist’s office. The sounds of some heavy, heavy roots reggae pumped like treacle out of this achingly cool record shop that only sells vinyl. It has a sofa. I went in and sat down.


phonica interior

Rod Taylor: Promised Land

I also had a long-overdue haircut (see how I am getting things done). Now my hair is free from grey bits and is sharp as a knife. I hadn’t seen my hairdresser in so long that he almost forgot what kind of hair style we have been trying to achieve. You will recall that it took several months for me to get the message through to him, with many unfashionable grandma haircuts along the way.

Him: (looking at very grown-out bob) So what length do you want it? How about jaw length!

Me: No! Earlobe length. Not even a millimetre longer than that. If you think you are cutting it too short, cut it shorter.

Him: What about the back? I will do a nice graduated bob!

Me: NO!!!

Him: (looks frightened) I just want to do what you want!

Me: NO TAPERING. Just a clean line, the same length all the way around.

Him: OK. (cuts hair. looks at hair dubiously)

Him: Maybe I could do some layers here at the top.

Me: No! We are done now. This is what I wanted. Very short. All one length. Buzzed off at the back. Very sharp. Nice. (gels hair into a sleek, shiny helmet)

Him: OK. It does suit you.

Me: (vainly grooming self in mirror) Thank you.

Him: You do have good ideas. Probably should have been a hairdresser.

This picture is as close as I can find to the length and general shape of my hair. I don’t have a fringe. I part my hair at the side and tuck it behind my ears and put things like Brylcreem on it like it’s the 1930s.

very short bob

It is a haircut that will look even better when I am slimmer and more muscular. I am the size of a house right now but I’ve been out walking a few times and am controlling what I eat, so hopefully there will be results soon. Various health points, blah blah, look at the time. See you later.

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