Simple Pleasures.

As you already know from my last post, there is a whole bunch of things I should be getting on with.

But I am excited about the future work I will be doing. So I am sitting at my desk reading the latest edition of a book about research design and statistics. It is fun! It is also not a very difficult book. I already know more statistics than this book is going to cover, I just haven’t used it for a long time. I have just realised that I can knit while reading if I choose a simple project. This is bliss. This is what my life is supposed to consist of.

Last spring when I experienced Crime and a subsequent bout of depression, I could tell that something was badly wrong with me, because irrespective of how I felt, which was mostly numb, the behavioural indicators of happiness were not there. They are going to be a bit different for everyone, but for me, the key behavioural indicators of happiness are:

– curiosity. Because it implies investment and interest in the future. Curiosity is what drives reading books about experimental design when you don’t strictly have to, also attempting to learn Mandarin.

– dancing. Oh man, I used to dance all the time. Then it abruptly stopped. Now it is finally starting to come back. I was dancing to Stakka Bo yesterday, just a little bit, and that is a relief to me. It means my pre-Crime self is returning after what has been a very difficult 16 months.

– knitting, also see drawing, sewing, writing, any kind of creative activity. These things are also about belief in the future. All knitted items take time to manufacture. You don’t start a project like that today unless you have reasonable hope in tomorrow.

This is so good. I am going to make tea and then I am getting back into this book.

Ooh! Reasons to be excited about August.

– Dre’s new album, Compton: A Soundtrack is expected to be available via iTunes on the 9th of August.

– Straight Outta Compton, a biopic of NWA, is set for release on the 14th.

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