Organised August.

Right then. It has come to my attention that now I have signed the That Company paperwork, my life is going to change dramatically the minute September arrives. I will be extremely busy and my time management and project management skills are about to be severely tested.

I obviously have ongoing work throughout August as well but it is nothing compared to how it will be when September comes. Because I need to hit the ground running, here is my list of tasks for August.

  1. Haircut.
  2. Dentist.
  3. Diet and exercise starting today.
  4. All financial affairs in order – bills paid up to date: domestic, tax, VAT. Send the stuff to my accountant that he is asking for instead of making him wait. Finalise insurance and pensions arrangements.
  5. Housework. The house is clean right now but only because I ran around doing it in a flurry yesterday. What the house needs is a weekly routine, I am going to revert to Flylady who knows exactly what is needed. I shall make a huge and fearsome chart of which chores happen on which days and post it on the kitchen wall.
  6. Relatedly, meal planning. Not just to save money but to save time. I no longer have time to waste making decisions about food on the fly. Meal planning means you can shop once a week and you don’t have to think what to eat in the evenings, also I can plan packed lunches and shop for them at the same time. Grocery shopping once a week from now on. Not three times a week and then wondering why I still don’t have any food in the house.
  7. My so-called spare room. Oh god, it is a disaster area. The last 3 months have been ridiculous. I have played Tetris with my furniture so much. I had to completely strip my bedroom of all personal items because I needed Airbnb guests and at one stage I thought I needed a flatmate. Now my second room, which is SUPPOSED to be a nice clean space for my craft stuff, is impossible to get into because it has four rails of clothes, 20 boxes of shoes and all of my gym stuff in there, not to mention countless crates of work stuff, and it is standing room only. I can’t find anything. I can’t get to my clothes. I can’t get to my craft stuff. I can’t clean the room or paint it. It is totally unusable and in a far worse condition than it was when things went crash three months ago. More stuff had to be deported in there from the living room because of the horrid sofa that I never wanted. It is crammed from floor to ceiling and it is making me deeply unhappy. I want that room to be emptied of all clothes and bedroom stuff by the end of this month. I might even get really ambitious and strip the entire room and paint it. Why not. Now or never. It’s needed doing, now is the time. In the future I will look back at August of this year and think that I was on holiday.
  8. Mattress. Also thanks to the abortive Airbnb/flatmate project, I have a new mattress that is propped up against the wall in the living room and the old mattress needs to be removed and dumped, so I need to arrange that while I have time to attend to it and can be at home for removals men.
  9. Speaking of clothes, I can’t fit into most of my clothes. I am going to do a separate clothes rail for items that fit me and that will be suitable for work.
  10. Warehouse. I have one small warehouse unit left at the office and I need to sort out everything in my house that can be deported to the warehouse and deport it, again this means hiring a man with a van, I will try to do it at the same time as mattress removal.
  11. Technology. My iPad has been broken for over a month and now my phone is failing as well and therefore I must go to the Apple shop before my PC breaks again and I become totally incommunicado.
  12. Botox. It is not cheap but it works miracles and it is my birthday this month so I am having that for a present.

God, there is a lot to do. All in the next four weeks. I might try to do something about my clothes today, get them on rails and move as many as possible back into the bedroom, because it is a daily frustration not being able to find or reach anything.

Last item: the book. I had a response from a second literary agent, the one I mentioned. She and her business partner had a long meeting about it(!). They gave me very useful feedback. They like the idea and most of the content but they have reservations about the execution, this is what the first agent said also. I need to revisit that proposal. I can see that they are right. The proposal might need to be substantially reworked. Up to me if I think it is worth the effort. Books don’t write and promote themselves, and editing is 90% of writing. So I don’t know. I will think about it while I am trying to get other parts of my life in order.

Let’s have some Church. Tune.

Stakka Bo: Here We Go Again (1993)

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