Somewhat of a celebration.

I still have a huge pile of work on my desk. A lot of tasks to get through and things that people are waiting for. At least I’ve dispatched most of the That Company paperwork now, there are only one or two minor bits of admin outstanding.

I felt I should celebrate signing the deal, but I was not sure how. So I ordered two books from Amazon that I will have to read for work and reinstated my World of Warcraft account. LOL, this is how boring I am. I haven’t played for three months. I certainly don’t have the time or money right now to go on holiday, so I will go and ride my horse for an hour on the beaches of Tanaris and maybe kill a few things.

I went to the gym and the bloody pool was closed because they are doing weeks of refurbishment. I will have to start doing treadmill and weight training again.


Kool and the Gang: Celebration (1981)

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