Presto Change-o! / 20 Years

It is dark here in London because it is 4am.

I am still at my desk, and right now I am having a little celebration.

After weeks of negotiation, I have just signed a contract with That Company, and in so doing, I have significantly changed the course of my career.

Shazam! I am a new woman.

I am having a liqueur to mark this long-awaited moment, for it really is a huge turning point. With one signature in the right box, my working life has changed dramatically, perhaps for ever.

As part of all the associated paperwork, I spent several hours today making a comprehensive list of everything I’ve ever published in any kind of professional journal or forum. It took several hours because I haven’t even thought of compiling such a list for a long time, because I didn’t need to.

When I had finished, it stretched back 20 years. This year is the 20th anniversary of the very first time I had something in print. It was a book review that appeared in a small social science journal. 20 years.

I feel old. Also proud. Also excited. Also tired, because it is 4am. Definitely time for a nightcap. I raise my glass to you, readers. We are in this together. Onwards and upwards.


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