Plus ca change.

I am really sorry my life is so boring at the moment. Here are the news headlines:

  • I had another massive headache over the weekend, the third in three weeks.
  • I attended meetings. Now I can enjoy a few much-needed days at my desk and get important stuff done from here like paying tax bills.
  • The sofa is about 95% of the way to being assembled. It is quite small, I think it will be okay and I will be able to squeeze it in somewhere in my living room. There are two awkward screws that have to be fitted and I need to get someone over here to help me do them.
  • I have a pile of business related paperwork to do, admin, proposals and such.
  • I am still waiting for That Company to fine tune the small print on their stuff.
  • The broken iPad is still here.
  • The literary agent is still waiting.
  • My house is reasonably clean but there is signficant laundry.
  • The boy who I quite wanted to date turned out to be a non-starter.
  • I ate half a family size tiramisu today so at least there’s no danger of me starving to death.

Rubbish, isn’t it. I should start going to the gym. Now I’m slightly more relaxed about the work and finance situation I am starting to want to use the pool.

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