On we go.

Not much is happening that is blogworthy because I am just knee deep in meetings all the time. Also we are having Britain’s harshest heatwave in 10 years and the whole country lacks air conditioning. So I’ve been sweating through a busy work week of travelling around London on the Underground and having to be brilliant and sparkly at people’s offices. Not surprisingly, by Friday I had another headache.

A quick summary of where we are up to:

  • I am fat and tired. As things started to look better on the work and money front, my appetite returned and so of course excess flab is coming back. One thing that has suffered while I’ve been dealing with the last 8-10 weeks of major life restructuring is my health. I eat pretty cleanly but I need to get some exercise. .
  • It looks like I have reached an agreement with That Company, we are still finalising the details. Still haven’t signed anything.
  • Business in general is slightly improved. Slightly. The market has changed, but it is there.
  • I think everything is going to be okay.
  • The literary agent is waiting for me. I want to write and send a new sample chapter. I apologised for the fact that I have to attend to business for several days.
  • My house is a tip.
  • I met an exciting boy last weekend who I want to date. I am playing it cool. There is no other way to play it. I don’t know what the chances are of even seeing him again, it took two months to set up the first date because of all of the above.

I have so much to do. It’s now 4pm on Sunday afternoon and I have no option but to get all my work stuff together for the coming week.


DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince: Summertime (1991)

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