Literary Agents

Things I have accomplished this week.

  • Seriously risked a perfectly good job offer by playing hardball over the salary. Further meetings are happening this week. They want me, I want them, but they need to make a significantly better offer, I’m not signing my career away just so that I can struggle to pay the mortgage.
  • Turned away a rich candidate for the Marriage project because I couldn’t handle his emotional needs. He was a nice man but I am not doing emotional nursing. Enough already. At 61 you should have found out how to take care of your own emotional needs, which doesn’t include clutching my hand and promising eternal fidelity, as though I should care.
  • Contacted five UK-based literary agents about my book proposal. I need to make a note for my own benefit:
    • Andrew Lownie of Andrew Lownie – I left him a voicemail today, 23 June, and need to follow up if he doesn’t call back.
    • Jane Judd of Jane Judd – as above.
    • Jane of Graham Maw Christie – we spoke on the phone, then I emailed her the proposal.
    • Michael Alcock of Johnson & Alcock – I emailed him the proposal.
    • Millie, the assistant of Caradoc King at United Agents – I emailed her the proposal.

I’ve also sent a cleaned-up version of the proposal to my friend in the US and she is going to show it to her contact at the US publishing company, apparently he is excited about it.

Wish me luck. See how bold I am becoming. I could have accepted a job that doesn’t pay enough and got into a relationship with a man who wants to hold hands and bare souls, but I rejected them both. Even though I am absolutely skint. Because the wrong offer is the wrong offer and I am prepared to struggle for a bit longer and hold out for the right offer, one that’s not going to ruin my life.


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