Everybody else has a Pinterest wedding folder.

I should be cleaning my house and finishing the book proposal. I just want a day off.

So, news.

– Work. There is some on the table. Now we are at the stage of negotiating about money. It is not fun, but it is very important. I’m not signing anything without discussing it.

– Date. It was okay. He’s a nice man. I don’t know. We’ll give it a second date and see what happens. He’s pretty funny and he’s financially secure. I don’t know. They all have big emotional needs. I need a Honcho-esque ice block so I can relax. I don’t know why I find that the most relaxing option, but there you have it.

I have been thinking about The 19th-Century Marriage Plot search for a rich husband that I’ve been semi-seriously pursuing. I was considering whether to make it a TLYW themed season. Is getting married and being a professional wife an authentic expression of TLYW?

– It would allow me to write, pursue social projects to end homelessness and even collect art, possibly.

– It would need to be someone who has a lot of qualities that I aspire to. The Honcho has fulfilled quite an important role in that regard. It needs to be someone clever and forthright who has really got their shit together.

As I thought about this stuff, I could not identify how much I actually wanted to do it. So then it occurred to me to make like everybody else in the Western world and start a wedding folder on Pinterest. My reasoning was that if I really wanted to alter my life by getting married, I should be capable of getting excited about a wedding.

You can view the Pinterest folder here. As you can see, it is empty. Hmm. Pinterest is awash with wedding photos and they are all revoltingly soppy. If I manage to find anything to pin on my wedding board that doesn’t make me feel sick, I will let you know.


A very nice blog post is here, concerning business-like marriage traditions in France in the late 19th century Well worth a look.


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