In which some people are more married than others.

I spent some time talking to the Honcho tonight, I like to talk to him about my options and things to do with work and money, he is an instrumentalist and a rationalist. I appreciate how much time he’s made for me over the last several days.

Tonight he said something that made me think he is married, so I asked him directly and he became very angry.

I’m taking that as a yes.

That means there’s been a wedding some time in the last two years, because he definitely was not married in 2013.

I would have waited for him. But it sounds like he’s married and once men get married they usually stay that way. He’s not looking for a fast escape route, is he. That marriage is less than two years old.

After we finished on Skype I stared moodily out of the window at the night sky and smoked cigarettes.

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