French records of births, marriages and deaths. UK electoral register.

He hasn’t got married in the last two years.

He’s been married since the day I met him.

In 2011, when he said ‘I don’t want to get into a serious relationship because I just don’t want to’, what he meant was ‘I am married’.

In 2012, when he said ‘I have a son who lives in France’, what he meant was ‘I have a son who lives in my house here in England with me and my wife, where we have lived since 2002’.

In 2013, when he said ‘I suddenly have sole custody of my child and my life has changed enormously’, what he meant was ‘I am finding this difficult to keep covered up but I’m still not going to mention anything about my wife’.

And so on, and so on.

I have everything now. All the documents. I even know the names of his parents and grandparents, because French record keeping systems are that good.

What I don’t have is his phone number because of course I deleted it out of my phone a long time ago.

I wouldn’t mind having a final conversation with him about this but I think now I’ve found him out he will be too much of a coward to give me one. It will be all my fault for prying. Not in any way his fault for lying to me for four years.

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