The book proposal is done.

That’s it, I’m done. In a total of 10 days, I’ve generated:

– Three sample chapters of 5,000 words each.

– Annotated table of contents, 4,000 words.

– Proposal with detailed marketing plan and promotions strategy, 9.000 words.

Of course, it all needs editing, there are now parts of the sample chapters that I want to rewrite, it all has to be formatted, produced as a professional-looking manuscript and then there’s the small matter of finding a literary agent. However, we are basically there. All the items above are completed and that is officially all a writer needs.

This proposal has reached completion in the nick of time. Other things in my life were starting to suffer, as if they were not already suffering enough. I urgently need to attend to some other matters now before they transition from painful to disastrous.

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