Marketing Plan

It is Saturday night and I am doggedly and systematically working on the book proposal, which is turning out to be quite long, quelle surprise. My editor friend says not to worry, detailed proposals are good. I am currently writing the Marketing Plan. I am not short of things to say about marketing as it is my speciality.

I will be beyond ecstatic if some publisher likes it. At this point I will be glad to go back to writing proposals for my normal business because they are shorter and require less mental effort.

In six or twelve months this will either be the best thing I ever did or else I will wonder why I suddenly wrote a book in the middle of economic collapse, when I could have been earning a wage in McDonalds. And the answer will be found in the big Life Plan that I diagrammed a few weeks ago, when the existential crisis I was having had not yet made itself felt in my bank balance. There were three major streams of activity. The middle one was ‘write a book, write the book you actually want to write, not the book you think you should write’. So that’s what I’ve done. I had to do it. I perhaps could have been doing other things but even if I can’t find a publisher for it right away, at least I wrote it and got a whole bunch of things off my chest. I can figure out alternative means of publishing it later.

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