The only good thing is the book.

Doing all the things on the huge task list. Trying to stay calm. Attend meetings. Try to raise work. Do admin. Do household and domestic stuff. Manage finances. Manage relationships for best results. Work on the book.

I am working on the book as the preferred activity, whenever I need a break. It is coming so fast. I realised that my chapter outline was shifting so I went back to my archive of raw material.

All the raw content I’ve generated over the last 3-4 years amounted to about 180,000 words and sprawled over 450 pages. Over the weekend I cut out everything but the best bits and got it down to 150 pages. Then I coded all the quotes according to the chapter that they belong to. Then I wrote a new chapter outline and sorted the quotes into the right folder, by chapter.

We’re almost there. The point of this is so that I can write an annotated table of contents and be able to show a publisher what’s in each chapter and how the whole story fits together, which I believe it does.

Life is hard. But I have always thrived on challenges. I needed a kick up the arse. If it makes me write this book in a hurry, so much the better. About time I got on with something that I actually wanted to do. I seem to remember book writing being in the big Life Plan. Now is the time.

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