My former boss.

My former boss, from 15 years ago, just spent an hour on the phone with me, God love her. She is a brave woman who has faced bigger financial problems than I am currently having, plus her husband just died, just a few months ago, around when I started to date Leroy before Christmas, so she knows a few things about adversity. Also she is a psychologist and is great at talking people down when they are upset.

I am grateful. She said interesting things. She didn’t say ‘don’t get a job’ which is what other business owners have said to me, using the logic that owning a small business is inherently better than working for someone else’s large one. She said ‘get a job, make sure it is a job you would love to do, you will be happier’. She is right about that. So I will continue to apply for jobs in this other career track that I should have been on all along, while at the same time trying to get my existing business back on its feet for a few months just so that I can pay the bills and the mortgage and keep my options open, what with the existing business commanding rather good rates when I can actually get any work in.

It is 10pm in London and I am choosing to believe that it is going to be all right. I may have to consciously choose that a whole bunch more times tomorrow and the next day and the next day but at least I recognise that what I believe about this situation is in fact my choice and is not determined by the situation itself, which is merely awkward and bit precarious.

1 Mental Health point. FFS.

2 thoughts on “My former boss.”

  1. She sounds like a great person to keep in contact with. It’s always good to have someone guiding you who has been through that kind of adversity. Also, I love her advice. I agree…I think lots of people push others to be entrepreneurs because they think it’s “better.” But happiness is best!

    1. Yeah, I really appreciated it. She is 10 years older than me and knows a few things about business, life and how to be happy. I’ve been doing the entrepreneur thing for 13 years now and it is not the easy option. It was nice to hear someone say something different. Being happy is really so important.

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