Apologies for the short ad break.

You may notice some ads popping up on TLYW over the next few weeks.

I am not making any money off them, it’s not for my personal gain. It’s because I can no longer afford to pay the fee to WordPress that makes them *not* appear. It’s a fee I’ve paid in the past to spare all of you lovely readers the annoyance of having to look at them.

Sorry everyone. Bear with me while I try to sort this out.

Today is 17th May. My life crashed on 20 April. We are almost one month into the crash rescue and recovery programme.

– I am a bag of nerves. I am getting on with stuff anyway, for want of any choice in the matter.

– My business partner is robbing the business and is counting on me not to sue because I’m broke because I am being robbed 😦  If any readers can offer me free legal representation within the UK, there’s quite a lot of money at stake.

– I am working so hard to find solutions. I keep trying. I try not to put my hope in things prematurely, before real money shows up in my account.

– I think that’s it. One or two of my friends are providing real emotional support, for which I am grateful. Strangers are kind. One or two more people who I thought were close friends aren’t very interested. In one case I’ve known the person for 10 years and now just as I need them it turns out that they’ve been lying to me for a year about small matters like having left the country.

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