I can deal with change. I’ve faced change before. It is not in itself all that scary.

I am looking for work. In between trying to raise the more lucrative type of work that I normally do, I’m looking at actual jobs. This is not something that I thought I would see myself doing at this stage in my career. It is not what you are supposed to do, this is the very point where you are supposed to get out and set up your own shop. That said, it is quite obvious that I was not happy and have not been happy for a long time. I have been craving change and now here it is, and I have brought it upon myself.

There are only a limited number of hours in each day, and I am playing beat the clock here, in so many ways. It takes just as much time to apply for a terrible job that you don’t want as it does to apply for a job that you might really love. So, given the need to send applications out somewhere, I am applying for some jobs that I actually would be happy to do. They are in a different field. It would be a career change. It tells me that all the thinking I did about how I am using my life might not have been a waste of time.

My life is going to change now, over the next few weeks, and then when I get some paid work of whatever description from whatever source, it will change again. If I am offered and take one of these jobs then it will be a sideways step on to a different career ladder, one that perhaps I should have been on all along.

Wish me luck, folks. I really need it right now. Everything will be probably be okay in about six months but the next six months could be tough.

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