Weakly Weigh In.

At least I’m losing weight. I’ve dropped another two pounds, I weigh 155.0 pounds this morning, which is great. It means I’ve lost 10 pounds altogether. If I can drop another ten, to 145, I will look pretty good and start fitting into my smaller clothes. If I can drop to 135, it will be because I’ve been in the gym a lot, and if I can get down as far as 130 then we are in tiny sportswear territory.

I am still busy trying to rescue things in my personal life that are crashing. It continues to be a rather scary situation but I can see a long list of actions that I can take, so I am taking action.

6 thoughts on “Weakly Weigh In.”

  1. It is easy to loose weight fast. But, the question is can we keep it lost, for a long time, or for life? There are ways how to do just that, without deprivation from food, and without sweating too much.

    1. Of course. I lost 33 pounds not that long ago. I lost pretty much all of it through exercise, and not exercising, combined with some unfortunate medications, is the reason it came back. So this is the second time around for me. What I’ve learned is that you have to keep exercising. Not least because once you’ve stopped, it’s really difficult to get started again. Same with watching your eating, I guess. Once you’ve switched out of Control Mode and are eating in an unrestricted way, it’s game over. Whereas when I am watching what I eat, I am capable of thinking that a few squares of chocolate or a handful of nuts are a big deal. It’s pretty surprising really how little food the body needs and yet how much it is capable of processing if you oblige it to.

      1. The more we age, the less food we need. It is ok to have chocolate and other sweeties from time to time, but it is better to try, not to live on them.

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