Today is Day 12 of trying to recover the crash situation.

This week has been better than the first week. I can see what needs doing and I’m getting some advice. I continue to be scared, tired and a bit anorexic. I would really like to have a day off from my own life but apparently it doesn’t work like that. Maybe I will go to bed early. I’ve been getting up between 5 and 6am.

I have deadlines on this situation. The deadlines are 30 June, some time in July and some time in October. I don’t know how fast I can turn things around. I think I’ve achieved a lot in the last 12 days but still, right now all I have is methods of getting to a solution, and no actual solutions.

Wish me luck. This is really tough. I need some success on at least one of the fronts that I am tackling, quite fast.

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