Fuck. Time to start budgeting.

I should watch my bank account more carefully. I will have to, in fact, starting now. I just checked my bank balance and I have maxed out my overdraft limit. It was bound to happen sooner or later.

I have cancelled my online dating account because I can’t afford to go out and I’m about to go through my bank statements now and find out what the essential expenses are and where I can put a stop to everything that’s not vital to my survival. I see economical recipes in my future. I think I’ll go and turn the heating off as well.

The party had to end some time, didn’t it. Especially when the business end of things is drying up. The roof still hasn’t been repaired. They can sue me.

Health points: I have been out walking at least twice, so 2 Health points. I can cancel my gym membership and start using the municipal pool.

Friends: I saw L and B, so 2 Friends points.

I think that’s it. Other than that I’ve been working on my new business plans and have meetings coming up this week. Shit. I can sell some stuff on Ebay as well. I’ve got loads of unused knitting yarn that I can sell off and that will have the added bonus of creating some more space in my flat. I’m sure I can think of other things as well. Maybe I can sell some books and I’ve probably got some clothes that can go. I’ve just had my hair cut, so that will last a few months. I can dye it at home. I will have to stop having Botox immediately and I’m glad I didn’t book an appointment.

I am so irresponsible. Let’s make that past tense. I was so irresponsible. Really shouldn’t have gone on holiday.

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