I am sorry to post about something so trivial when I am supposed to be changing my life and also I haven’t blogged for a week, but it is big news to me. After at least a year of trying, my hairdresser has FINALLY accepted what I want him to do with my hair. He has had so much trouble believing me. Even today, it took two attempts. He cut off what he thought was a lot of hair, I was like ‘no no no, this is ridiculously too long at the back, take off at least another inch, if not two inches’. He was like ‘are you sure?’ I was like ‘I’ve been trying to explain this to you for months! Cut off another two inches at the back and shave the back of my neck as necessary’.

So now my hair looks like this, at LAST. This is the closest picture I could find, anyway. It is a dark chocolate brown. I don’t have a fringe, I am wearing a side parting with my hair tucked behind my ears. It is that short. It is the same length all the way around, my god, the amount of persuasion it took, to get him to buzz it off at the back.


At the end, he was like ‘this is okay? this is what you wanted?’ I was like ‘Now we are STARTING to get there. STARTING.’

Next time I see him we are going to have a srs discussion about undercuts.

Finally. Progress.

5 thoughts on “FINALLY.”

    1. fucks sake. If you told your barber that you wanted your hair shaved off at the back, it would not take a YEAR of overriding his persistent ideas that you ought to look like a nice lady.

        1. yes, sorry, I was expressing exasperation with him, not with you. He is so kind and adorable but he is not the most edgy hairdresser in the whole world. I am going to lead that man bravely forward into the realm of razor-sharp undercuts for women.

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