All evening I have been buzzing with the need to pay attention to my life plan and work on pulling it all together. This is good. I did some good thinking this evening, about conceiving of all the different parts of my life as meaningfully adding up to one whole project. I took a deep breath and registered a domain name that is going to cover the whole, entire thing. As I was subsequently setting up email accounts and filling out online forms, I noticed that today’s date is 9th April. It is the anniversary of the rather debilitating and violent Crime that knocked my life thoroughly off course in 2014, with effects that lasted the rest of the year.

Although one could always have taken self-improving action sooner, it pleases me that I am making these positive and somewhat irrevocable actions, that represent commitments and investments in a better and completely new future, exactly a year from the day that I was unexpectedly rendered powerless and incapable of defending myself.

I am very focused right now. I can feel my brain powering up to take on the challenge. I am busy, but in a good way, and it is a bit scary, but likewise.

One of the things I did this evening was think about productivity and time tracking tools. I have quite a few of these on my various bits of technology, I know which ones to use, but I just don’t use them. But now is my chance, with new email accounts and whatnot. Now is my chance to put this new life together from the ground up and get it right first time with top-quality daily life and business management practices, which are also mutually supportive. Apps I like and will use more of: Remember the Milk; Dropbox; Evernote; Pomodoro; Teamweek. (I almost wrote Teamweak then. I see my subconscious has not lost its sense of humour.)

I must go to sleep now. Look how late it is.

4 thoughts on “Anniversaries”

  1. Wow, that’s really cool! I love things like that. I left my job incidentally on March 4th to work on my business…and later remembered that Les Brown tells a story about a pastor who always told people to be their best and to persist through anything life hands them. He was supposed to die in early February, but he defied death until March 4th. Les Brown says that he believes that, even in his death, he was giving his congregation a message: to march forth. That always gives me chills! Awesome that something similar happened to you. Your life will only get better 🙂

  2. Hi G. I won’t wish you happy anniversary, but because this is a rebirth of sorts maybe I can do that this time next year. Great to see all your progress. You are powering through – very impressive. Cx

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