Ayayay, being good is hard work.

I need to get a routine in place where I do things in a more consistent order. Anyway, I have now done red (business, strategy), blue (mission, purpose of life) and yellow (core physical health) activities today, so we are basically in credit. I resisted chocolate when I was in the newsagent buying half the usual amount of milk. Also I walked outdoors for two hours, which was good going in light of sudden and hopefully temporary back pain, probably caused by sitting at my desk. So 1 Health point. I expect there will be more travel photos or news about something or other tomorrow.

We haven’t played much music here at TLYW in the last year and I suddenly feel the need for something. Nice bit of saucy Jamaican dancehall for the start of summer. This was a smash hit in 1995, and rightly so.

Frighty & Colonel Mite – Life Is What You Make It (1995)

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