Who’s afraid of red, yellow and blue?

Here it is, the big, huge life plan in colourful pictures, for those who are interested.

Part 1: The model. My life and its activities in concentric layers. The coloured layers are the ones that need to be immediate priorities. Layers 1 (yellow) and 7 (blue) are important, Layer 5 (red) is both important and urgent. A major problem up to now is that Layer 5 was clashing with everything else. This led to Layer 6 being non-existent and Layer 4 deteriorating as I tried unsuccessfully to treat existential despair with consumer spending.

plan 01

Part 2: The model has two essential qualities: (a) Direction & Movement; (b) Coherence & Integrity. Everything hangs together. Everything that I do within the inner layers serves the larger purpose expressed in the outermost layer.

plan 02

Part 3: Values. This is my chance to get my life in order. Events in my business and family life have configured to give me an opportunity right now for re-invention. If I do not take this unique opportunity to organise my life in a way that is pleasing, satisfying and meaningful to me, then I can no longer blame circumstance and it is nobody else’s fault. Nothing is stopping me. Acting in accordance with your values makes you happy.

plan 03

“Self-control might be as passionate and as active as the surrender to passion.”
— W. Somerset Maugham (Of Human Bondage)

Part 4: Activities, Goals, Rewards, the Mission. This is where my sense of purpose, fulfilment and joie de vivre come from. I need this! It is the source of energy, commitment and enthusiasm. It is what makes me want to get out of bed in the mornings.

plan 04

Okay, I need to do some Layer 5 business activities now. Travel photos later, they are finally all uploaded.

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