What integrity actually means.

I looked it up, to make sure, since I apparently think it’s a big deal.

The second bit, coherence, or lack of, is the part that was giving me pain. The first bit is how it’s achieved. You achieve unity and coherence in your actions and throughout different areas of your life by doing the right thing. At any given moment, there is usually a right thing. You usually know what you should be doing, or are supposed to be doing.

These are all just notes to myself and words of encouragement to myself, I hope you realise. I’m not trying to preach to anyone else. I’m just trying to work out what I am here for, make sense of my life, figure out how to know what to do next. I guess we are all in the same boat, right? I haven’t got all the answers. But I’ve identified some good questions.


5 thoughts on “What integrity actually means.”

  1. The second part is key, I think. I’m reading the story of the making of McDonalds, “Grinding It Out,” and it’s evident over and over again that Ray Kroc held himself to high standards, even when it was inconvenient or costly. That was definitely one reason for his success: coherence.

    1. Definitely. The lack of coherence has caused me all kinds of mental pain and atrophy for a long time. The time to repair that is right now. If all I do is generate business ideas with no larger guiding plan at hand, then I am no better off. All the parts of my life need to work together coherently, they need to be mutually supportive and hang together in a meaningful way. Not some parts working against others, but all supporting each other and pointing in the same direction.

      Please keep recommending business books 🙂 I am reading Blue Ocean Strategy now on your recommendation and I am really enjoying it.

      1. You’re spot on here! “The time to repair that is right now.” Right on!
        I’m so happy you’re enjoying Blue Ocean Strategy! The ideas in there seem so simple when you read them, but I feel like doing the complete opposite (running head-first into competition) is so natural…The changes I’ve made since reading that book have been so helpful, so I’m sure you’ll implement those ideas effectively too 🙂
        I will absolutely recommend more books. I read about one every week, so I’ll always have new prospects! “Grinding It Out” is definitely one I recommend, and it speaks to these ideas as well. Ray Kroc takes a very holistic approach to business…he focuses intensely on all small parts, and you can see how they all come together like pieces of a machine. Great stuff. I think it’s about $7 on Amazon, and worth every penny!

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