Peak Moments

OK, so today is a bank holiday in England and that means the tax office isn’t contactable today and my accountant will be happier if I talk to him tomorrow morning. I have continued with the serious thinking about my life that I started in Spain (that was such an unexpectedly well-timed trip, even though I shouldn’t have spent the money). I’ve been putting my thoughts about how to organise my life on paper and will show you the results shortly, but first I realise that there is a missing piece from the Values exercise that I’ve been doing.

I started by exploring the things I haven’t liked about my job in recent years and this resulted in a list of what I now think of as largely Business Ethics, meaning they pertain to the way I need to do business and organise my working life. They pertain to other aspects of my life as well, but work is undeniably a big part of life, and I need and deserve to be much happier with the expression of those values during those hours, because that is where sustainable motivation and energy come from. Then in stage 2 I explored what is represented by someone I admire, and this resulted in a list of personal qualities that I aspire to and want to develop more of: in a word, superego.

The third piece is going to take some honesty on my part because it is more personal, perhaps. It seems that way. I need to be completely truthful about what sets me on fire, makes me glad to be alive, what are the things I would do anyway, even if I were not being paid? I need as much of that in my working life as possible. It occurs to me that I should identify some peak moments and see what they tell me. Here they are.

  • That moment when you take food to somebody homeless and they give you this unforgettable, penetrating look. It’s pure human communion. It’s incredible. I want to do that and I want to organise something where a lot of people are doing that. I think if I have a mission that might seriously be part of what I’m even here on this earth for. I also feel passionately about prisoners and prison reform.
  • I don’t talk much about my credentials here but I have a lot of letters after my name, blah blah, and I’m privileged to be an inspiring teacher. And not just for an hour, I have so much social science knowledge that I can continue to deliver, year on year. Various well educated business people, whose intelligence I respect, people who themselves are not short of degrees in interesting subjects have regularly said to me, after working with me “I’ve learned so much from you”. That right there makes me feel like I’ve fulfilled my purpose in life. That is also what I am here for, if anything. To teach and pass on skills. I love it when lightbulbs come on above people’s heads.
  • I write. I do it for pay, for private clients, sometimes in huge amounts. I do it without pay. I write this blog, which is a long, autobiographical narrative about a journey of personal development, I write for industry publications, although not as much as I should (because I felt I should not be writing things that contradicted my Values, see how this is working), and I write extensively in other parts of the internet. I have three book ideas, not just ideas, but books that I can envision and actually want to write. I need to talk to some publishers.

The Big Incentives, Rewards & Things I Was Born To Do:

  • Feeding the hungry. Housing people. Reducing suffering. Making the world a better place.
  • Teaching, passing on skills.
  • Writing. Subjects where I genuinely have a message and a purpose. Also includes Reading and Thinking.

That’s it. I need to organise my life, my daily work, the structure of my present and future businesses, my business models, partnerships, etc, so that they allow me to pursue these Activities and Goals, so that I can be happy and live my life with sincerity, and do business with the sincerity and passion that attracted customers to me in the first place.

Photos in due course.

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