My body.

  1. I am trying to get a tan. Back: Inevitable sunburn, despite sunblock. Legs: absolutely no change in colour whatsoever.
  2. Better not swim tomorrow because I need to keep my back covered for a while. So I will have to do a long walk instead. I did swim today, though, so I am getting some exercise.
  3. I am still a fat bastard, I look okay in a swimsuit but I look less attractive naked and that’s not very good. However, my diet is suddenly going great! I went for half board at this hotel, same as I did in Jordan, so my meals are provided for me and I am not consuming any lattes, alcohol, ice cream or snacks. Strictly three small meals a day at set times. I can tell it is going well because I am actually quite hungry a lot of the time. I am quite hungry now but I am going to wait another 90 minutes before dinner, if I eat too early I will just wake up starving tomorrow morning.

Here is last night’s dinner. Pork meatballs. Vegetables. A tiny amount of pasta and half a roll. See? I think that’s quite restrained.  I had it with sparkling water. So much easier to diet when somebody else makes the food. It’s not like I’m going to drink lattes all day, then realise there’s no proper food in the house and eat loads of cake.

I asked the Honcho, will you please tell me what it’s going to take to make you happy, but there isn’t going to be anything I can do, because I would know about it by now. I don’t know why I bother, except that I have skills I learned from him (see The Honcho Method, discussed previously on TLYW), he has more skills that I want, and, relatedly, the bond and sense of attachment that he/we installed in those early months is quite as durable as ever. Is like a tattoo. You can ignore it but you can’t wash it off.

The internet connection at this hotel sucks ass.

 And that’s all today’s Spanish news.


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