I am not departing for my next trip for a few days yet, but I am packing now because it helps me clean and tidy the house at the same time and know what laundry I need to do.

It certainly makes a nice change to pack for hot weather. Don’t need winter boots, overcoats or woolly hats, gloves or scarves for the Canary Islands.

I have just realised I will have to go to the gym whether I like it or not because my swimming cap, goggles and flip flops are there. I might go for an actual swim this evening because it would be stupid to go to the gym and not use the facilities. So I guess I am packing my gym bag as well.

I can’t wait for some real sunshine. I missed all last summer because I was indoors, stoned on anti-depressants. Now I’m physically and mentally back to normal and I am a bit desperate for some heat and sunlight.

Let’s have another picture of the resort. Look at the size of that pool. How lovely to be able to swim outdoors in nice weather. Note to self: get water-resistant sun lotion.

lopesan-pool 2

Apparently a lot of French and German visitors go to this resort, which sounds great, maybe there will be someone I can have a holiday romance with. Fingers crossed. At the very least, French and German families tend to have quiet, well-behaved children which is good as I am a bit worried that I have picked somewhere excessively popular. I am tempted not to take any more holidays until the Middle East calms down, is a more adult choice of destination.

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