Zurich, part 5 (last one): the outdoor market.

I found a market happening on Saturday afternoon in a square near my hotel in the Old Town.

zurich market

Much like the market outside St James’s church in London, which I photographed the other day, it sells all manner of jewellery, leather goods, curios and decorative objects, some from other parts of the world – coral necklaces and so on. Look.

zurich market books

zurich herbs

zurich jewel

Imagine how much I wanted one of these yellow necklaces to wear with my yellow coat and blue dress. The guy wanted 200 Swiss francs for them. Even when he dropped it to 150, I was not in the market, unfortunately. I have just foolishly spent all my money on the Canary Islands and I still haven’t finished paying for the roof.

zurich yellow necklace

zurich rocks

zurich tourmaline

Now check out these amazing brushes and even coat hangers.

zurich brush 1

zurich brush 2

zurich brush 3

zurich brush 4

zurich hanger

I didn’t know I was going to Zurich to take photos of coat hangers, but there you have it. And that’s all the Swiss news.

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