Zurich part 3: Swiss food – chocolate, fondue.

I barely ate when I was there but I DID manage to make time for fondue. OMG. This is cheese with white wine, garlic, brandy and I don’t know what all. You dip cubes of bread in it with a fork. For many years I have wanted a fondue set but it is the worst thing in the world if you are trying to lose weight. You can see my new yellow coat in the background there, that is a truer representation of its colour than the official store photo. Also my yellow scarf that I made out of handspun yarn that I got last year in Chile.

zurich table

zurich fondue

YUM. I had to get a bowl of lentil soup to eat while writing this post.

The other thing you want from Swiss food is chocolate. Swiss chocolate is the finest in the world, and this chocolate shop is without a doubt the best I have ever been to. I was so happy that we were coincidentally there at Easter when the chocolate shops are especially extravagantly decorated. I bet they are a sight to behold at Christmas as well. Anyway, we went here and you should too: Teuscher.

zurich teus front

They keep the lighting in the shop quite dim to protect the precious chocolate, like in an art museum, but check out these beautiful products and their packaging. It is like Aladdin’s cave.

The velvet covering these heart-shaped boxes is thick and luxurious, like the chocolate.

zurich teus heart 1

zurich teus yellow heart

zurich teus big heart

That immense, magnificent, regal, velvet heart-shaped box of chocolates is my new standard and benchmark now for how much someone loves me. It looks like it is 239 Swiss francs, I think that’s quite reasonable.

Now look at these Easter eggs!

zurich teus egg

zurich teus egg 2

zurich teus eggs more

More treasures.

zurich teus bows

zurich teus display rabbits

zurich teus eggs even more

zurich teus rabbit box

zurich teus swiss box

zurich teus big box

Slices of candied orange.

zurich teus orange

Phew. More luxury confectionery at the airport:

zurich air pink

Gold macaroons with champagne.

zurich air gold

My god. I wish I were in Zurich right now.

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