Zurich Part 1: A cow on a balcony and some flowers in a fountain.

Here you are, just quickly, something to be going on with.

A cow on a balcony. Cow Parade is a public art project where fibreglass sculptures of cows are decorated by local artists and displayed around the relevant city. It is an international project, but I’ve mostly seen them in Northern Europe, there were some in Amsterdam the other week. This one has a view of Zurich painted on it.

cow 1

cow 2

cow 3

Nearby, a fountain (or at least a font) full of flowers. At first I was annoyed that I couldn’t get a shot without other tourists in it, then I realised that tourists are part of Zurich’s visual landscape, esp in this part of town. They are a naturally-occurring feature, that is in fact what Zurich looks like.


swiss flowers

There is still no word from the Honcho, so I conclude simply that he does not want to play with me right now. I will just wait. I could stand to go to the gym in the meantime. Right, I really must go to work. See you later.

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