First Weakly Weigh In

I know, you are waiting for photos of Zurich. Bear with me, I have to attend a conference today.

It is Wednesday and therefore it is time for the first Weakly Weigh-In of Weight Loss II.

As I suspected, some of what I appeared to have lost in Zurich was down to dehydration. This morning I weigh 162.6 pounds. I started a new weight loss ticker which you see in the side bar just to your right and what it shows is that we started on Day Zero last Wednesday weighing 165.8 pounds and today I weigh 162.6 so that is a loss of three pounds in the first week and I am quite happy with that, that is not bad going. If I stick with it, I should be able to lose the other 32 pounds that I’m ambitiously trying to shed without much difficulty. It only took me so long last time because I kept forgetting to concentrate for months at a time.

Right, I must go to work. Travel photos later this evening.

2 thoughts on “First Weakly Weigh In”

    1. Thank you for the encouragement. I saw a poster outside a gym today. It said ‘In 12 weeks you will wish you had started today.” Wise words. I could potentially be in good shape by mid June.

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