Relationship Fail

There is a necklace I sometimes wear that looks like nothing special to the casual observer but which is my symbol for the Head Honcho, I wear it when we are making each other happy and I want to feel connected to him. I’ve worn it every day for the last month. This weekend I took it off, put it on again, took it off and threw it in the bin, got it out of the bin and put it in my handbag, then finally put it back around my neck. I wish he would tell me that he doesn’t want me any more. It is the only way it is going to reach a conclusion.

I am about ready to finish with Leroy, he is sweet but he is overwhelmed by his own life which leads to weeks of him going incommunicado and I am right out of patience with it.

I only have room for ONE person in my life who leaves me wondering what the hell is going on and when I am going to hear from them, and that person is not 26-year-old Leroy, despite his other nice qualities.

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