Weight Loss II: Day 1 of the New Dawn

OK, so when I started this blog, one of the first things I did in the name of TLYW was lose weight. I achieved my goal – very slowly. I lost 33lbs and it took me 2.5 years because I had periods of months at a time where I would fall off the wagon. Then, not long after finally reaching the athletic and slim condition I’d been aiming for, violent Crime happened in April 2014 and knocked me off my feet in so many ways, including months of health problems, medications that screw up your hormones and your energy levels, and what is now almost a year of weight gain, during which time I put it all back on.

I weighed myself this morning and I’m 165.8 pounds which is almost exactly where I began and is therefore the upper limit of being overweight that I can tolerate. The two main contributing factors to my plumpness that are within my control are that I’ve been avoiding exercise and secondly I’ve been eating chocolate cake. So whose fault is it, really, if I have to wear foundation underwear.

Today is Wednesday 11 March 2015 and today is the first day of Weight Loss II. If I can drop 35 pounds then I will be a UK size 10 and able to wear sports bikinis, which I seem to remember used to be my sole purpose in life. This is a good time to do it. My relationship with Leroy is happy yet making very few demands on my time, which I am cool with as long as everyone’s happy and enjoying themselves. My more full-time, everyday relationship, ironically, is with the Honcho. We are getting along as sweetly as a pair of love birds in a rose bush, he is affectionate and I am emotionally sustained. This is really taking care of my needs and I hope every day that we can continue to be in harmony.

Thus I have achieved the perfect life conditions for attending to fitness and health. I have romantic relationships, i feel desired and cared for (enough). I don’t have any urgent unmet needs that have to take priority over getting some exercise and improving my ratio of body fat and my general health. So today is the day. Longtime readers of the blog will remember when we used to have weekly weigh-ins and a weight loss ticker and all that is what we are about to go back to, starting from now. I will enjoy it when I get started. I loved the exercise part of it last time.

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