I’m going to the Canary Islands.

Quite soon. I just booked it. I am going to a resort on the island of Gran Canaria.

I haven’t had a holiday with beach and sunshine since I was so miserably ill in Corfu last spring, shortly after the Crime. It’s taken me about this long to recover from that event.

I need to improve my health and I wanted to go somewhere that will have sun and be well equipped so that I can swim, exercise, get some fresh air and gather my strength. I adored the Intercontinental Hotel in Jordan in 2013 and came home tanned and several pounds lighter. I wanted to repeat that holiday but the Middle East is a bit unstable at the moment so that’s why I’m going to Gran Canaria instead.

It is a big resort that is on the sea front, has huge swimming pools, is on the doorstep of a nature reserve for walks, has a fitness centre and even a library/reading area. It is just what I need. I am hoping for something similar to the Jordan trip where I feel completely safe and pampered with nothing to concentrate on but being healthy, but with less falling in love and with a more European culture that I have a better chance of comprehending.

Oh, I can’t wait. I am excited now. I have about two weeks to slim down into holiday type of clothes because I am too fat for everything at the moment. I am going to take piles of books and suitable knitting as well as my gym stuff.

When I come back, slimmer and with a tan, then we will see about dating the Honcho.

lopesan gran canaria

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