Fifty Shades of the British Museum

I had a couple of days of being out and about in London, the sun shone and I found myself in pleasant and sometimes entertaining environments, so here is the story in photos.

Went to a client lunch meeting at the Aldwych Hotel. As I loitered outside in the sun, having arrived slightly early, I snapped the early 19th-century Lyceum Theatre which is just across the road.


The Novello Theatre, 1905, viewed from outside the Aldwych Hotel.


Later in the day there was an hour to kill prior to another meeting, which brought me to the British Museum, est. 1753, what a wonderful achievement of the 18th century. Here is the famous ceiling in the entrance area.


In the British Museum, there is a huge, human-headed, winged lion. It is Assyrian and is nearly 1,000 years older than Jebus, which makes you think, doesn’t it. I, for one, welcome our winged overlords.


There is also this lion, which has similar origins. It weighs 15 tonnes. It symbolises Ishtar, the Assyrian goddess of war and guarded the entrance to her temple. It is covered in intricate cuneiform writing.

lion 3

When I ran out of time, I exited through the gift shop, pausing to admire this lovely Chinese-inspired tea pot. It is called Golden Carp and it is by Alison Appleton. Isn’t that beautiful. It costs £65. I am not certain that spending £65 on a tea pot is a great idea for me right now, so I am glad that I have this photo because it makes me happy.


The next evening found me in Leicester Square, here we are approaching the Odeon Cinema.


I was at the Odeon to meet someone, sadly not the Head Honcho, to go and see Fifty Shades. I was amused and only slightly appalled to find out that the Odeon is screening 50 Shades at intervals of 30-45 minutes, because there is that much demand, and indeed the room in which we viewed the film at about 6.15 in the evening was packed solid. It was an audience of 97% women, of all ages. There was a lot of tittering. Quite a jolly atmosphere as well, women who didn’t know each other were laughing and joking around as we all filed in. The film itself was okay. There isn’t that much sex. What there is, is well filmed. The cinematography is great. The lighting is great, the sets are all great. I liked Dakota’s shoes and Jamie was quite good as Mr Grey. I would say that Sam Taylor-Johnson did with it what I hoped she would, which is to make it glossy and sumptuous and to edit out most of the vapid dialogue that is in the original text. Oh, Ana’s and Mr Grey’s emails and text messages are really nicely handled, they appear as discreet pop-up windows on the screen as you continue to view the action. Elegantly done. Overall, 5/10.

Over the last couple of days I’ve scored two Friends points and additionally, my friend who I went to the cinema with is a New Friend, which means I’ve just completed all the requirements for the Friends Brownie Badge.

And that’s all the news.

4 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of the British Museum”

      1. You’re living my dream. If I should ever come into a huge windfall (lottery? marry an ancient billionaire?) my plan is this: buy a stylish unbrella, move to London, never return. I’ve never been to London, so I could find myself in a world of disappointment, but I doubt it.

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