Yorkshire: Sculpture

So I got off Eurostar in London, met Leroy and we got on another train to Yorkshire to make my highly-prized annual trip to visit my dear friend C, who kindly accommodated us both at her house. If you are wondering, C and Leroy thoroughly bonded, despite a superficial 35-year age gap that might have been a stumbling block to anyone else. C gave Leroy some business advice. Leroy cooked. It was great. Leroy fitted right in like a Yorkshire native. We all went to visit C’s mom. She is 80 and she does not take any shit. I love her to bits and she is a highlight of my annual trip and something of a role model for how to be a kick-ass old lady. She’s also extremely glamorous and attractive, if I look anywhere near that good when I am 80 then I will be amazed.

We went to the Barbara Hepworth gallery at Wakefield and saw some terrific sculpture.

A typical Hepworth. Organic, rounded shapes, holes, string. I have another photo of this sculpture that I wish I could share with you, where Leroy is standing behind it, staring at it intently while holding my coat.

hepworth 1

hepworth 2

Barbara Hepworth screenprint, Winter Solstice, 1970.


Reclining figure by Hepworth’s partner, Henry Moore, 1936.


If you can get to the Hepworth Gallery before 1 July, you will also be able to see an exhibition of sculpture by American artist Lynda Benglis. It is delicious! Look at this huge fan. It is pleated wire mesh, decorated with all manner of beautiful trinkets, much as one might decorate a Christmas tree. I so wish I had any wall space, I would make one.

Zanzidae: Peacock Series, 1979, wire mesh, enamel, glass and plastic.


Want to see some close-ups?

fan close 1

fan close 2

More Benglis.


gold 2



So that was Saturday, 1 Friends point and 1 Art point. Stay tuned for painting and ceramics in the village of Saltaire.

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