Amsterdam: Consumables

The food was great. In the evenings my colleague and I went out and tried different restaurants. He is a foodie and is good at reading maps so I love going out with him, all I have to do is tag along, similarly he enjoys dining with me because I let him pick the restaurant every time and will eat absolutely anything.

We went to the famous Moeders restaurant. Moeders is Dutch for mothers. The restaurant is absolutely stuffed with photos of mothers, most of them contributed by customers. I think they do a deal where if you take your mum on her birthday, you get free stuff. Very interesting restaurant. Very cosy. Mismatched dishes, also contributed by customers on opening night. It was buzzing when we went, you know a place has good food when it is popular with people who actually live there.


Note the 1950s Formica table.


I had hotchpotch. I absolutely love the way the menu says hotchpotch “is possible”.

hotch menu


Pudding. I am blaming my colleague. We pretend that calories don’t count if you are on a business trip. The tiny little pancakes covered in honey in the middle of the plate are a traditional Dutch dessert.


Pancakes turned out to be a theme. Here’s a pancake restaurant that we went to another evening, with slightly racist and hopefully antique table decorations.

pancake bakery

table dec

Cupcake display in a cafe.


This was the no smoking sign in my hotel room.

no smoking

Amsterdam does smell of weed, but only in the main tourist areas, which I think says a lot. Here is a series of photos which I am calling Lost Property of Amsterdam, taken around the central train station.

bag 1

bag 2

bag 3

bin 1

bin 2

Then I couldn’t hang around Amsterdam any more so I took a train to Brussels, then another one to London, then another one to Yorkshire, collecting Leroy along the way. Photos of our weekend coming right up after the break.

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