Amsterdam: Architecture & Shopping

I am finally home and I have a whole bunch of travel photos to show you.

So, as you know, I was in Amsterdam for work. Here are some shots of the city so you can see how attractive it is. It is very clean. A lot of people ride bicycles, which is obviously good for their health and the environment. By London standards, there is virtually no traffic.

canal 2


Nice architecture. Tall, slender houses in elegant and restrained colours. Looks 1930s, not that I am an expert.


The centre of Amsterdam is full of interesting, independently-owned shops. In London, the price of real estate would have forced these businesses into obscure parts of town, with wealthy chain stores moving in to take their place. It would have been street after street of Starbucks and Tesco Express. Instead, we have this:

The Extremely Serious Cheese Shop. These guys are not messing around, it is like church.


The Very Fancy Lingerie Shop.


The Early Modernist Fabric Shop. My colleague loved this, he is into design.

quilt shop


Lighting and homewares.



amsterdam fashion 1 amsterdam fashion 2

Contemporary art.

amsterdam art

My personal favourite, the Russian shop. Absolutely full of those nesting dolls, including lovely hand-painted ones, quirky ones with Putin’s face on, Christmas ones and the remaining space is dedicated to even more dolls.

russian treasures

nesting dolls

putin doll

xmas dolls

flower dolls

four dolls

Stay tuned for more photos.

5 thoughts on “Amsterdam: Architecture & Shopping”

  1. Did you only have time to stroll around a bit after work? Because of the “pics in the dark”. I hope you enjoyed your time in Amsterdam, I have been there for a daytrip and I loved this city 🙂

    1. That’s exactly right, I was strolling around after work and of course the sun was setting early because it’s Northern Europe in February. Happily for me, I’ve been before, for a holiday, maybe about 10 years ago, so I didn’t feel too heartbroken that I was missing a lot of stuff this time around.

  2. the russian store!!! I was there in 2010 ….. really enjoyed it! going back in August but for the life of me I cannot remember where the store is other that it is (or was) near the dam…. can you supply an address please??? it would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Isn’t it lovely. I don’t have a complete address but I found another photo of the shop on someone’s Flickr account and it has a street sign in shot that says “Mozes En Aaron Straat”, so hopefully that should help 🙂

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