I wish I wasn’t so huge. I have gained three pounds in two days (where is the rhyme or reason in that, and it keeps on AND ON happening). I am now the same size as when I started this blog 3 years ago, I’m afraid to eat and I am afraid to find out how much bigger I can actually become. I don’t snack. I stopped eating sugar. Still getting bigger and bigger.

Leroy is coping even though I was nowhere near this big when we met in November and I obviously didn’t plan on this happening. I have fully warned the Honcho that I am bigger than Kim Kardashian in the hip, bum and tum region and he seems not to like me any less, perhaps because he didn’t like me that much to start with.

I am in Amsterdam right now anyway, in a very small hotel with no pool so I will just have to put up with being huge until I get home. I just had dinner with my colleague at a very quirky little restaurant. He always picks nice places, this is the same guy I went to Belgium with before Xmas. I had broccoli with garlic and onions.


We are here to attend a boring business conference but perhaps I can squeeze in a couple of nice photo opportunities in between things.

There is a very exciting weekend planned because I am off to Yorkshire for my annual visit to my lovely friend C and this time Leroy is coming too! I can’t wait. Really excited to see C and also to have a chance to get to know Leroy a little more because we never have enough time together.

In the final bit of news, things with the Head Honcho are stable. I feel more secure and more sure of him than I have in the last two years. It is a very novel feeling. I hope it lasts. It is almost like … how shall I describe the feeling – it is like being happy and loved. Very unusual, to get this from such a source. He says I am his, that he wants me back, that we have a special bond that he is taking all the credit for creating and that he thinks only of me.  I think you can see how unusual this is. We aren’t arguing or fighting. I am just loving him the same as always and he’s finally giving me fewer reasons to regret it.

And that’s all today’s news.

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