Face cream.

Work is still kicking my ass. I have suspended my online dating account again because I am too busy to meet people. I told Leroy I am no longer dating anyone else and he was pleased about that, in a rather serious way, that was designed to let me know he is taking it seriously, so at least someone’s happy.

The Honcho has been quiet this week.

Travel is coming up over the next several days so fingers crossed for sunshine and nice photo opportunities, despite it being winter.

My Shiseido face cream that I had for my birthday ran out. I decided to go back to Clinique for a while, the default brand choice of so many women. I already have a bottle of the famous yellow everyday moisturiser, I think most women over about 24 have a bottle of this somewhere in their bathroom. It is light, easily absorbed and really is good for every day, but as I get older my skin is losing its fine texture and I wanted something to give my face a smoother, more polished appearance without resorting to laser skin resurfacing, which is what I would actually like, along with a neck lift and a lower face lift and a boob job. So my new thing now is two pumps of Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Serum mixed with two drops of Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus. Put on your face using upward circular motions (as though you would do anything else), then use the surplus on your neck. It applies a silky coating to your skin which smooths everything out and hides pores, which is good. I think the latter item is the one delivering instant results and the former is the one where you are supposed to use it every day for a while before being impressed. So I will let you know how I get on.

So that’s me. Travel plans are coming together. Botox has been booked. Teeth have been recently bleached. The drycleaning is at the drycleaner’s. I have a couple of new items of lingerie on the way, in a size that I believe I can actually fit into. Face cream are go. I may be fat, but I am beautiful and everything is going to be okay.


4 thoughts on “Face cream.”

  1. Face cream… this is a new deal for me. I quit wearing makeup shortly after high school and since then I’ve rarely put anything at all on my face, but now I’m getting wrinkly so I’ve been trying EVERY facecream ever made. Maybe I’ll give Clinique a go next.

    1. I think there’s a reason why Clinique is so popular. It is fragrance free and hypo allergenic, which is nice, and the prices aren’t totally unreasonable compared to other designer brands. I think for many of us it is the point of entry to premium brands in skincare and cosmetics. As much as I would like to use Shiseido all the time, or Crème de la Mer, for that matter, Clinique is a lot more affordable.

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