Hooray, it’s the weekend.

This is the first time in about three weeks that I haven’t had to work at the weekend. Yay! Feels great. My house is trashed and I will have to spend tomorrow thoroughly cleaning the place up. In the meantime, I am playing World of Warcraft with abandon.

Leroy: has gone quiet, I gained the impression he was dealing with some shit but I still would prefer to be kept in the loop so that I can plan my diary. Nil points.

Head Honcho: Tut. He is the most single-minded person I’ve ever met. All he wants to talk about now is how soon we can meet. Forgive me for not being over enthusiastic when you kept me waiting for 3 years. We are negotiating and doing our best not to argue, as per usual, interspersed with some skilled arguing.

Let’s have a tune. It’s about time. I love hip-hop, and I love that man. Anything that makes me dance has to be on some level a good thing, right?

Kid Frost: La Raza

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